Looking Unto Jesus - 30 days of Transformation

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There are countless sermons offering strategies for overcoming your past, building unshakable faith, or experiencing breakthrough. But there is nothing that can transform the human heart like the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ.

Looking Unto Jesus: Thirty Days of Transformation, Steve Foss will take you on a journey discovering thirty incredible descriptions of Jesus found in Revelation 1. These depictions unveil “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus” (2 Cor. 4:6). Only as you see Jesus as He is will you be able to stand strong in these days of increasing crisis.

This book will take you into the deep and intimate knowledge of Jesus’ character, nature, authority, and coming kingdom. Through this thirty-day journey, you will learn the power behind certain characteristics of Jesus, such as:
  • The faithful witness
  • The firstborn from the dead
  • His eyes like a flame of fire
We are living in a time when God is opening His Word like never before and unveiling the greatest revelation of Jesus Christ the world has ever known. Through these thirty days of transformation, as you focus on Jesus and what He is focused on, the end of the age, you will be empowered and transformed from glory to glory.